Children in St. Anton

Senn's Wonder Walking Trail

Have you already heared from „Senn's miracle footpath“? There are various experience stations with a lot of interesting facts about local herbs, plants and animals. Even the "coke" herb should have got lost in this garden … And beside the alp-flowers and herbal way there is a great natural playground, a big tree-house, a water way and a miracle wood! And for strengthening the Senn's-hut offers a traditional kitchen.

Children Active Programm

Too boring to only hang out with mum and dad on your holidays? Then get a member of the child programme and do great activities with other company children! Discover the animals and plants in our woods, hear stories about the life in the mountains, make your own followers of felt and play in the free nature together… This sounds already thrilling!

High Rope Course

Are you courageous? And do you think that you can overcome your fear of heights? Then visit the high ropes garden in the Verwall. There are different heights on those you must balance or stroll on floating trunks and cord leaders! At the end of the Paracours the duties become trickier and trickier! Never give up!


A little more relaxation you can find in the outdoor and indoor Swimming pool of the center, which is located exactly behind our house. There you can slide, have fun in the hughe whirlpool or build dams on the play brook!Besides, your mummy and daddy can always watch you from the sunbathing area! The entry in winter is free and also in summer you can visit the for free when using a summer-Card.

Minigolf & Museum

Mini-golf is exciting for every age-group and promises fun for the whole family! The Arlberg-Adventure-mini-golf place is located exactly beside the historical ski museum. If you would like to know more about the history of St. Anton and the development of skiing, it is worthwhile to visit the museum !


If the weather isn't very good one day, the Arl.rock offers a lot of indoor-activities! How about a bowling-match with your whole family? Or have you ever tried climbing? The special beginners and introductory-courses are also offered for children!


Of course St. Anton also offers a football-court and a volleyball-place which can be used at any time! If you like to Play Tennis you are able to use 2 places outside or 2 places inside in the Arl.rock center.


Have you ever tried playing golf? Who feels like trying out this exciting sport can take trainer's hours in the golf-course. Who already has some experience with playing golf can try-out the new 9-hole golf place of St. Anton.

Hiking - make it to an unforgetable experience...

Hiking is boring? Then you have to prick up your ears next time and walk with open eyes! Even beside the tracks there are lots of things to discover! Try to listen to the whistles of the groundhogs, observe the eagle when he circles in the sky and find the hiding ibexes on the rocks! And if you sit down in the grass while having a small break, having a look beside you, maybe you can find a blossoming gentian! However, please do not pick up the flowers, because many sorts of flowers here are seldom and protected by the nature-conservation! And, by the way, all the children passing the same route should be able to see those flowers too!

On the alp...

Have you ever seen how cows are milked? If you still sit on the alp in the late afternoon, it's mostly the time when the cows come back from the grasslands. If you are interested, just ask the landlord if you can watch him milking the cows. It's worthwhile!