Hotel PETE - our house

Our house is located in the middle of the pedestrian precinct of St. Anton, the best known skiresort in the west of Tyrol. The building is designed in a traditional and modern style. With a lot of light, stone and Wood, a natural and comfortable atmosphere was created. Staying with us, you should feel fine and also get to know tyrolean traditions. Breathe deeply and enjoy the wonderful view of the mountain panorama.

With us you are „right in the middle“ in the pedestrian Zone of St. Anton and also in an oasis of rest and relaxation.


History of our house

The house was built by Kathrin Gohls grandparents, Hanni and Emil Tschol in 1952 (after WW 2) . To begin with, only the ground floor was developed completely. The remaining upper stories of the house were finished step by step with the money from the room rentals in winter. The house was already three stories high, but because the third floor was built offset towards the back of the house, it couldn't be seen from the pedestrian zone. The cozy alcove in the front of the building is still at its original place. Until the mid 90ies Hanni and Emil Tschol rented the rooms to guests from all over the world. Until spring of 2013 the rooms were used by staff of Sport Pete. In April of 2013 the house was completely demolished and newly built up in December 2013. Now the house is shining in a bright new light at its original location!

Pedestrian zone in the 30ies

Spring 2013

since December 2013